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Clicks Great Danes

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We are breeders who care about the health and happiness of our dogs. Great Danes are often referred to as "gentle giants" and its no secret why; they are a genuinely sweet, loving, and intelligent breed. It is our responsibility as breeders to make sure our Danes keep up good health and physical appearance through plenty of exercise and a consistent, healthy diet. We currently have a male harlequin (Zeus) and a blue female (Zelda) who are producing puppies. We also have a female harlequin (Zena) who is about 6 months old and will start breeding when she is able to.


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Pictured above is our beloved male named Zeus (harlequin); pictured to the right is his girlfriend Zelda (blue).  We were very picky in choosing our bloodlines, only striving for the best! Zues weighs roughly 160 lbs and Zelda comes in at about 110 lbs, both come from a strong bloodline. He is the product of a male harlequin and a female black Dane. Zelda's parents were both pure 100% blue as was the litter from which we picked her. More specific information can be provided about their bloodline if requested. 

Gentle Giants


Great Danes are the perfect breed for any family! They act as great guard dogs due to their size and intimidating, deep bark. But on the inside they're just big sweethearts. They love to cuddle and don't seem to understand how big they are because they often think they are lap dogs. They are great with kids of any age and have no problems getting along with other dogs or puppies. Great Danes are a very intelligent and loyal breed which makes them optimal for training as well!

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